Executive Coaching

Deni’s corporate experience and insightful understanding of people, through neuroscience and profiling, enables her coachees to make realistic, sustainable changes. She specialises in coachees whose behaviours and attitudes are impacting their own performance or self-belief and that of others. She also coaches leaders to appreciate the nuances of executive presence and style required at senior levels, as well as navigating change and managing relationships.

Overall, Deni is passionate about having truly purposeful conversations that enable coachees to make a real difference in their roles and life. She works at all levels: SVP – VP – Depᵗ Head – Team Leader – Individual Contributor.

Coachees say that Deni …

… makes a difference and they learn a lot about themselves, the situation and actions they could take: “conversations that lead to great results.”

… understands and is compassionate about where they are coming from so that they feel respected and listened to.

… has patience and gives reassurance thus they find it easy and comfortable to have an open dialogue and honest reflection with her.

… has a real depth of knowledge and is insightful as to what is happening – getting to the real discussions and focusing the conversation, such that “the lights come on.”

… is encouragingly thought-provoking and challenging in a supportive way to raise awareness: “has enthusiastic energy for them.”

… is practical and pragmatic: puts things in perspective in a matter-of-fact way with grounded thoughts and advice.

An eclectic coach:

Eclectic coaches draw upon various tools, techniques and models within their coaching practice, although they are skilful and thoughtful in their choice of interventions. Eclectic coaches regularly expose themselves to different coaching approaches and other related fields in order to gain a wider perspective and a broader depth of knowledge. It is through this depth of understanding and practice that enables the eclectic coach to seamlessly weave their collection of knowledge and skills together in the service of their coachee’s needs.

Additionally, Deni’s understanding of pertinent aspects of applied neuroscience and McClelland’s social motives, enables her to be appreciative of a coachee’s potential underlying neurobiological and motivational drivers and how they influence behaviour and outcomes. This also allows her to share and work with these insights in an explanatory way that coachees find informative, thought-provoking and actionable.

Just a short note to thank you very much for your support and guidance over the last 12 months. I have found it a huge benefit and your style works perfectly with mine. You really made me understand myself much better and have given me skills to improve my leadership and communication style.
I will miss our meetings as they always provided a great opportunity for open dialogue and honest reflection.

Sales Director (Technology & Supply Chain Management)

I would like to thank you very much for all the support you gave to me in the last months. It helped me a lot to keep confidence in myself and to keep me going!!!
I have attached the result of the last associates survey of my team. This was the best result that this department has ever had and an improvement of almost 30% in high Performance Organisation Index compared to the previous one. I’ve attached the report just for your information, because I believe you played an important role in supporting me and achieving this result. Thank you.

Senior Quality Strategy Leader (Automotive)

Deni was amazing. She has the ability to understand the situation very quickly and add insight into how I should deal with each situation. She has lots of examples and can explain things very well.

HR Ops & Talent Manager (Technology)

I am thoroughly enjoying our discussions, your challenge and your advice. I am a much happier human for spending time with you and I couldn’t be any more appreciative of your support. You will never appreciate how much of a difference you’ve made to me already.

Financial Director (Global Restaurant Chain)

I just wanted to let you know I have been Promoted to Director. You played a huge part in my development and getting to the next level.

Regional Director (Executive Recruitment)

Representative Client Engagements

  • Insightful and reflective conversations enabled two leaders (Corporate services) to enhance their styles and improve difficult relationships, leading to promotions to Director. Exploration of how their perspectives influenced their interactions and perceptions enabled them to adopt more engaging and collaborative approaches.
  • A senior IT manager (Financial Services) was struggling to step-up into a leadership role: he was overwhelmed and poorly rated. Discussions on adding value, accountability and navigating relationships resulted in reduced stress, a strong appraisal and advocacy from previous detractors.
  • Coached three leaders (Banking) through to promotion to executive leadership roles. Conversations included discussions on executive presence, networking, stakeholder management, engaging advocates, having career meetings, CV/ applications, interview preparation and transitioning into the new role.
  • An Operational Manager’s leadership style (Corporate Services) impacted team morale. 360-feedback and honest insightful conversations enabled a significant change: Within 12 months she was deemed inspiring and motivating, and team performance improved​.
  • Coaching provided a safe place for reflection and thought-provoking discussions for a new President (Technology). Within 8mths she navigated a split from the parent company and selling to PE. Having remained CEO, she reshaped and relaunched the new company. ​
  • A Quality Leader’s (Automotive) cultural and interpersonal style were compromising his ability to roll-out a strategic quality plan and engage stakeholders. An in-depth exploration of his current impact and alternative behaviours in a supportive environment created a 30% improvement in his leadership ratings.​
  • A Sales Director (Automotive) enhanced his business standing by developing his ability to handle ambiguity, create accountability and reduce his anxiety. This led to being appointed to a more senior Sales Director’s role.

Areas of expertise

  • Behaviours or attitudes impacting own performance or self-belief
  • Improving relationships and navigating difficult relationships or situations
  • Supporting individuals through promotion, change and transition
  • Developing own leadership presence, brand and networking
  • Enhancing confidence and interpersonal skills or performance issues
  • Leadership of change and transformation
  • Appreciating the nuances of executive presence and style at senior levels

Professional certifications