The MERE Coaching Conversation is not a coaching intervention in itself: it does not prescribe or preclude how you coach. It is a conversation to improve the efficacy of your coaching if reflexive hindering is curbing the progress of your coachee and their willingness to discuss and take actions that would progress their coaching goals. Research shows that these conversations create a valuable shift in perspective, a subject to object shift, that normalises the response, gives hope/ belief that change can happen and improves compassion, thus opening up new possibilities and invigorating motivation for action.

M – mastering    E – enabling    R – realising     E – embedding

Mastering: how reflexive hindering manifests within coaching and the information on/ flow of the applied-neuroscience infographic

Enabling: an immersive and instructive neurobiological exploration, authentically woven into the coachee’s coaching outcomes and reflexive hindering

Realising: a real insight that makes a difference to the coachee’s understanding that gives hope and invigorates action

Embedding: a resolve to work through the reflexive hindering and robust actions/ practice to create sustainable change

Details of webinar series and dates for 2022 tbc

It gave me a wider understanding of neuroscience generally. If I was to say my normal use of neuroscience in coaching adds six out of ten to the coaching experience, I thinks this made it add eight to nine out of ten.

And I found myself talking about neuroscience in a richer context than I had ever done before.

Executive Coaching

I would actually say to a future coachee, “this is to help you see things from a different perspective, looking at yourself from a removed person to a third person perspective, so it helps you to realise how you can bring about changes”.

I think it makes coaching faster and more compelling actually when people can see their own neurobiological patterning coming through like that.

Executive Coach

It’s a complete thing that makes it very real, the fact that it’s this story that you go through; it’s a story, it’s not individual facts. It’s got a beginning, middle and an end. This is fascinating about the brain.

For me this whole model is about understanding your brain and understanding what’s going on.

Executive Coach

This worked really well to allow them to open up, maybe more than they might have done without it. It’s an assumption of mine, but it seemed to give them permission, with very much ease to be able to talk to it from their own experience.

It was very thought provoking for the coachee, and it triggered a lot of different avenues … there was so many ‘aha’ moments.

Executive Coach

It really added value. I think it’s very clear that there’s a lot of actual factual information, data, hard data in this. But it’s data that’s been pulled together with a view to understanding how brains change.

All the information is on a level suitable for most clients and it makes sense because you relate it back to the brain and back to the facts.

Executive Coach

The MERE Coaching Conversations training programme is a five-webinar series with a follow-up session eight weeks later.

  • The first webinar introduces the phenomenon of reflexive hindering and how it manifests within a coaching programme. The professional responsibilities of using neuroscience within your coaching practice are also explored, including discussions on neuro-myths/ hype and appreciating the realities of neuroscience research.
  • The next three webinars go through the information in each of the three sections of the applied-neuroscience infographic and invite you to practice using that information between the webinars. Time is given for input on the neuroscience elements, questions and group discussion.
  • The final webinar covers the practicalities of using the infographic in a coaching session to create a rich MERE Coaching Conversation, including best practice from research and tailoring it to your coachee’s needs.
  • There is a follow-up session eight weeks later which provides an opportunity to celebrate your successes, ask questions, share best practice and reflect upon your MERE Coaching Conversations.
  • One-to-one mentoring is also available as an optional extra, at times and dates to suit you.